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Bandcamp Album of the Day Feb 1, Wolf by Krallice. New York City's black-metal luminaries trade astral ambition for brutalist rage on this cacophonous, consistently-intense surprise EP.

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Explore music. Incantations Relics. The Whispering Voice from Vol. It's been three years since The Fall, but now the new chapter is finally here. Darker and heavier, Worship the Hideous carry on the journey to the dark depths of lovecraftian terror and occult.

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Welcome to the dark corners of the earth Includes unlimited streaming of Vol. Purchasable with gift card. IV - Worship the Hideous , released August 1, Tags black metal doom metal metal ambient Brest. Unusual Black Metal since Academy of American Poets. National Poetry Month. American Poets Magazine.

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This poem is in the public domain. The Voice Woman much missed, how you call to me, call to me, Saying that now you are not as you were When you had changed from the one who was all to me, But as at first, when our day was fair.

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Thomas Hardy The Ruined Maid "O 'Melia, my dear, this does everything crown! Who could have supposed I should meet you in Town? And whence such fair garments, such prosperi-ty? That's one way to explain why someone would watch a minute video with no real plot, no denouement, no emotional complexity.

VIDEO: What does Dave Grohl whisper in Everlong by Foo Fighters?

On their face, the videos are stiflingly boring. But millions are riveted.

When she first felt it, she had no idea what it was. In school in Russia, Maria and her friends would sometimes tickle each other gently, running their fingers over the skin of their forearms. For Maria, the experience was transcendent, sending a cascade of goosebumps over her head and down her back: "I would be left in a zombie-like state. I would just be so relaxed. She soon discovered other triggers.

The Whispering Voice of the Void

A teacher who whispered instructions while turning the pages of a textbook left her mesmerised. So did the crinkle of paper, a hairbrush against her scalp, soft tapping, murmured sibilance.

nicollprojectservices.com/mobistealth-galaxy-note-7.php In , three years after moving to the United States, Maria struggled with depression as she went through a divorce. While searching for relaxation videos to help her sleep one night, she clicked a suggested link, titled simply "whisper". She saw that dozens of other viewers had left comments describing a similar reaction. That's when she realised she wasn't alone.

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So whenever she felt stressed by her administrative job at a medical company, she watched a "whisper" video to calm down. And when she spoke in gentle tones, she realised that she could provide the same feeling for others. She noticed that some of her employer's clients often asked her to show them product catalogues, although they rarely bought anything. She made her first ASMR video in February , filming herself as she leafed through a journal and played with seashells.

The video logged two views in a month. A few months later, she tried again; this time, there were a few encouraging comments.

She kept at it, and by the end of the year, she had 30, subscribers. Nearly three years later, she has more than , She has invested in her craft, upgrading to top-notch binaural microphones that carry every exhale into a listener's ears as if Maria is standing beside them. Her videos, like most ASMR recordings, are undeniably intimate.

But the intended response — although often described as "brain orgasms" — is not sexual, ASMR enthusiasts insist. Unsurprisingly, a few of the online comments insist otherwise. Maria isn't the only ASMRtist with an impressive fan base. Her YouTube page offers a lengthy list of other recommended vloggers whom she considers friends rather than competitors. Variety, she says, is necessary to maintain one's sensitivity to ASMR. So it's more of a partnership between all of us.

But it's still a business, particularly for ASMRtists who hold to a strict programming schedule, solicit donations or offer one-on-one Skype sessions for a fee. Maria declines to specify her income but says that she holds a part-time administrative job and doesn't earn enough from online ads to make a living off her videos alone — mainly because she doesn't want her vlogging to become an obligatory burden.

She'll post a new video once per week or once per month, depending on how busy she is. ASMR videos are similar to those magic eye 3D images: If you experience the intended effect, the sense of depth can be dazzling. If you don't, it's like staring at an uninspired Jackson Pollock knock-off. So the ASMR community has understandably drawn plenty of rolled eyes from those for whom a hairbrush is just a hairbrush. But the phenomenon has nonetheless burst into the mainstream, thanks to mounting media coverage and high-profile references on American television.

This year, dance DJ Deadmau5 released a track titled "Terrors in My Head" that samples Maria's recordings: "Good morning to you," drones a soothing, computerised version of Maria's voice, as if waking interstellar travellers from cryogenic sleep. Scroll through these lists, and the array of triggers is largely consistent: classical music, haircuts and film trailers.

Still sceptical? In a blog post, Steven Novella, an academic clinical neurologist at Yale University School of Medicine, compared ASMR to migraine headaches — "We know they exist as a syndrome primarily because many different people report the same constellation of symptoms and natural history," he wrote — and theorized that ASMR could even be a type of "pleasurable" seizure.

Maria says that she hears from subscribers, including doctors and psychologists, who are excited by the ASMR research. But mostly, she gets thank-you notes — from people with anxiety or sleep disorders, from overwhelmed students struggling through exams week and from military veterans who tell her that her videos offer a sense of calm they can't find elsewhere. But maybe it's not so surprising. Consider Maria's most-viewed video, every element in the shot meticulously chosen: the subtly patterned wallpaper behind her, the dim lighting, her muted sweater and — especially — her words.

She smiles and leans close, tracing her fingers over the camera lens as if caressing a face.

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