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If prayer seems a little too much like religion but you need a place to express your hopes and desires, how about writing a letter? Sometimes we can write what we cannot speak; we can better understand ourselves and our relationships; we can make ourselves known; we can ask for forgiveness and we can forgive; we can clarify our values and live with greater intention.

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Though usually a solitary pursuit, reading can become about community. After the deaths of her twin sisters and father and the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Gisleson formed the Existential Crisis Reading Group—dubbed the Futilitarians—with other New Orleanians struggling with loss and trauma.

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Their readings and weekly meetings helped the Futilitarians overcome individual and collective pain. Traditional faiths have taught sacrifice and self-abnegation—probably not a message that resonates with most modern seekers. Books about happiness have proliferated, and maybe happiness has become a kind of religion. No Apologies, but Open Doors. How are the traditional churches responding as people head for the exits? Some books speak to pastors and congregants who want to welcome nones into the church without merely seeing them as targets for evangelization.

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Despite disillusionment with Christianity as an establishment, Jesus is still a fascinating and mysterious figure for many. Who was he really, and what can he be to skeptical moderns? They wanted God.

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It is possible to be anti-religion but pro-Jesus? The second-largest denominational demographic in the U. But what we found was that by telling our stories honestly, without shame or judgement, we attracted an audience that was as starved for spiritual companions as we had been. Vogt draws on Catholic thinkers such as G.

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Chesterton, Jacques Maritain, and St. Teresa of Calcutta.

In , Vogt launched Strange Notions , a site promoting dialogue between Catholics and atheists. Young adults in the twenty-first century have their own needs, desires, and questions in their own lives for which they may be searching for answers. Catholic spirituality is wide and varied; there is something in it for everyone. Can the slide into secularism be slowed? We need a values check, we need to be less tone-deaf to the young and the fallen-away, and to show the joy our faith brings us, rather than pushing a set of propositional beliefs that tell people how to behave in the bedroom.

In the face of so many choices for the spiritual-but-not-religious, publishers from faith-based presses agree that religions must be the best versions of themselves.

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There is value in this continuity, there is grace and stability. Subscribers: to set up your digital access click here. To subscribe, click here. Simply close and relaunch your preferred browser to log-in.

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