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This is a great presentation. I love the dust jacket and the supplementary material, which includes everything from the hardcover, plus additional material from Marvel Saga, the Moebius posters from the s and other art maybe all of Moebius's published Marvel art?

Surfista Prateado - Parábola (Silver Surfer -€“ Parable)

As for the color, it's the same as the hardcover, which I think does a great job at staying faithful to the Moebius coloring, although some changes were made. Given that coloring the newsprint is such a different process, I think this was necessary. Even Moebius said he wasn't really happy with the way the colors came out in the newsprint.

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I love the newsprint comics, too, but this edition is very well done. My one complaint about the coloring is that I noticed John Wellington added a "W" in several panels with the color, which I never noticed in the smaller hardcover. Dec 04, Is it possible to get a size comparison? How big is this reprint compared to usual tpbs or hardcovers? Medieval Guy. Medieval Guy 8, 2, May 29, I believe it's Absolute-sized Again, just a matter of taste.

ElectricPeterTork 8, Jul 17, If they'd done a straight reprinting oh that old MPE in oversized trim, I'd have jumped on it.

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Nov 12, Mayor Hundred. Mayor Hundred Aug 29, Mar 26, I see that the moebius posters are reproduced inside full page also.

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Bravo, Marvel, that's the way to do things! If I had doubts, I dont anymore. It's looks like it is a really beautiful book!

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  4. Silver Surfer : Parable by Moebius and Stan Lee (1988, Hardcover).
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    Silver Surfer: Parable Comic

    Silver Surfer: Parable was first published in the 4-colour comic book format a special request by Moebius as a two-part miniseries and then as a deluxe hardcover in December Stan proposed a stand-alone story and Moebius jumped at the opportunity. A starving Galactus returns to Earth, but is well aware of his vow not to consume the planet.

    However, he sets himself up as a God and tries to steer them towards self-destruction. The Silver Surfer, who had hoped to leave the human race behind to its self-inflicted misery, cannot sit back while all this is happens and takes action against Galactus.

    Silver Surfer: Parable #1 - Marvel Comics

    About the story, Moebius had this to say in the Afterword of the Hardcover version:. In fact, I found it a rather sad and dark story, but at the same time, it is cast in a different light. Stan Lee returns the Silver Surfer to his brooding, philosophical self, spending his time contemplating humans and their place in the universe.