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What do you say? This articles answers these questions. You may already know the Japanese word arigat o ah-ree-gah-tohh; thanks , but did you know that you can use it only with family, friends, co-workers, subordinates, or strangers who look easy-going and younger than you? The easiest phrase of gratitude is d o mo — an adverb that literally means indeed or very much but can be understood as thank you. If you want to express a greater-than-normal degree of gratitude, you can use one of the longer, more fully-spelled-out phrases, like Arigat o gozaimasu or D o mo arigat o gozaimasu.

D o mo is an interesting adverb. So, watch out! In an informal context, Gomennasai goh-mehn-nah-sah-ee; Sorry is just fine. Allison Eckardt has done so much for each of us as individual players, and even more for the work she has done for our ensemble. We have had many amazing professionals teach us as well.

The taiko community is such a loving and welcoming group of people, and it is a pleasure to be a part of it. We are beyond grateful for so many wonderful people in our community - our students, fans, family and taiko friends. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your support and inspiration! Day 30 - Gratitude Well So I would like to take the opportunity to say, as the founder of the group, how grateful I am for having all these people with me.

Arigato gozaimasu: 21 ways to say thank you in Japanese

Thank you for believing on my work and my guidance. Yes, we already posted that pic, but that one is THAT special! It doesn't matter how big or small an event is, we are always more than thankful to be able to take part of different events. Day 30 of the taikolove challenge is full of gratitude. We are so thankful for every connection we have made through this photo challenge, performance, workshop, etc. We also always say thank you by bowing after each piece and giving a final bow at the end of every performance.


Okagesamade and domo arigato. Day 30 of nendaiko taikolove Photo Challenge: Gratitude! Sometimes it is the simplest thing to describe, as depicted and said by Ms. R, "Grateful for taiko and the little things in life. And how fantastic to work together taikomon sayakoantona and isshodaiko isabelrometaiko in organising this amazing life experience.

We're going to include this picture in nendaiko 's challenge for day 30th: gratitude taikolove. TaikoLove photo challenge of nendaiko - Day 30 - Gratitude. It gave us the possibility to discover and interact with other groups from different countries, while we were able to do an internal review of our moments. A post shared by Taiko Together taikotogether. Over the past month, nendaiko and many others in the taiko community have shared the ways their taikolove shines.

This year, we have seven promising trainees who have already begun practicing with us, and will continue learning and training over the next several months as they aim for membership.

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Visit sohdaiko. Our nextgeneration of taiko players. We are honored to partner with ethosmusic to teach weekly taiko classes.

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Hopefully we can help inspire a new generation of taiko players to share in the TaikoLove! Day 31 of nendaiko taikolove - nextgeneration - what does next generation of taiko look like to you? What does next generation of taiko mean to you? What does it mean to be the next generation of taiko? Whatever the pathway, our rookie classes are an infusion of new energies, challenges and laughs!

Thank you nendaiko for a great photo challenge! Today is all about the nextgeneration of taiko connections recently forged at a kadontaiko retreat in Wisconsin. Plus, a bonus Halloween photo. Thanks, Elaine Miyamura, for the cupcakes! Thank you so much to nendaiko for make it. We really have fun!! Day 31 - Next Generation With that last pic, we thanks Nendaiko for that opportunity to remember a lot of good times and to learn more about a lot of taiko group around the world!

Arigatou gozaimashita! As a group, we're all for teaching the next generation of taiko players. We're also really excited for the next generation of San Jose Taiko performers who've debuted with us in the last few years and we're looking forward to our new batch of auditionees who will start their SJT journey in January! Day 31 and last day of the taikolove challenge.

Thanks for tuning in everyday and keep tabs on our social media for our next performance or happening! Also, "Taikotoro".

Thank you so much nendaiko for creating the TaikoLove challenge, and thank you for everyone's support! I had so much fun with this prompt list. Last year I did 8 Inktober drawings, this year I did 20 - shooting for a solid 31 next Inktober. Day 31 of the nendaiko TaikoLove challenge is nextgeneration. Our group doesn't have a youth group, so our next generation comes from those that we have performed in front of, who we have given a chance to feel the way bachi vibrates against the head of a drum. Here is our director giving that chance to kids and adults alike in Missoula, Montana at the University of Montana's International Festival in TaikoLove spokanetaiko taiko drums drumming japanesestyledrumming spokane nextgeneration.

Arigato from Japan Earthquake Victims

We may be loud Here's to our family continuing to grow and may our spirit and energy on the taiko continue to be free and pure like that of these children! Thank you, nendaiko for the fun month and opportunity to share our stories and learn about each other! The next generation!

The future of taiko is bright! What a pleasure it has been to participate with our kindred taiko hearts for nendaiko photo challenge this month.

Say Thank You Using Sign Language

What is more precious than sharing your love and dedication to the taiko art than with your own children nextgeneration yes she has ear plugs in! TaikoLove photo challenge of nendaiko - Day 31 - NextGeneration. Day 31 is Next Generation. We are excited to be able to help spread the joy of Taiko to the next generation. Challenge final proximageneracion, algo que nos llena de orgullo y de esperanzas. Last challenge: nextgeneration, something that makes us very proud and fills us with hope. Day 24 of the nendaiko TaikoLove challenge is bachi.

We don't have any specific photos of bachi so I decided to share photos where the bachi kind of became a focal point of the photo.

Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

One photo is from Perry Street fair in TaikoLove spokanetaiko taiko drums drumming japanesestyledrumming spokane bachi. Day 24 of the taikolove challenge- bachi. Photo courtesy of alsuwaidi. Day 24 is Bachi! Bachi are the sticks we use to play taiko.

What is The Word for “Arigato” When Translated from Japanese to English?

They come in a variety of wood types, lengths, thicknesses. The variety allows us to play different drums, and to also get different sounds out of the drum. Kat-garoo pictured here is collecting bachi after a demo we did at an anime convention. We couldn't play taiko without our bachi drumsticks. Swipe left to learn how Mitchell cares for his bachi full video on our YouTube channel , the awesome way you get to label your bachi when your last name is Chiba, what dozens of bachi waiting for a home look like and what happens when you get a little too excited playing shime That feeling when you break your first pair of bachi.

We spread taikolove with our bachi or drumsticks. Day 24 of the taikolove challenge! Today is about our bachi or stick. BachiModels FreshBachiSmell. Holding a pair of bachi always makes me feel stronger, more confident, and, yes, cooler.