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An increasing percentage of little girls as young as six years old are dieting, depriving their bodies of crucial nutrients in their formative years. My parents forced me on the first of many starvation diets when I was 5 years old, the lifelong legacy of which I still continue to work on healing. Weight loss surgery is the most lethal elective surgery I know of and deadly weight loss drugs continue to prove that too many would rather have folks a thin corpse than a living fat person.

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Weight loss surgery usually leads to a lifetime of post-operative gastrointestinal distress but who cares as long as the ailing individual attains a 35 or lower BMI, right AIB? So someone close to the 35 BMI cut off all their lives would be penalized for simply growing older while still serving the state of Alabama. Not all of us fat people are compulsive eaters and not all compulsive eaters are fat.

However some depressed people compulsively eat to help medicate themselves against the truly debilitating sadness life often brings them and to which they are chemically more sensitive. There are sick skinny people and fat healthy people. For a person of size, visits to the medical doctor, if one is not in perfect health, can be a depressing and humiliating experience in and of itself …It sure is for me.

Even in years of optimal health I had to fight the nasty, smug, fat prejudice of health care providers until the labs came in. Being held up pun intended for the humiliation of individually higher insurance rates to get medical care only makes the problem worse. Some studies have shown that in communities where being fat is NOT demonized, fat people are as healthy as thin ones.

Obesity Stigma

Too many studies use hospitalized fat people as their population rather than healthy fat people living their lives. The AIB surcharge will take more money out of our shrinking pocketbooks, leaving even less for expensive organic fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats and fish. Yes, the chemicals in pesticides can cause many problems including contributing to weight gain and retention.

International bestselling author and psychologist Dr. John Gray of Mars and Venus fame says big people are big because we are sensitive and psychogenically stay large independent of diet and exercise to keep a layer of protection around us. Ironically this protective device is not under our conscious control and only sets us up for more attack from a fatophobic society including the AIB.

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All my adult life I have exercised days a week, have taught yoga, been a professional dancer, am a holistic health consultant. I pray and meditate.

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Twenty years ago when I was a more resilient teenager and weighed less than I do now, I allowed myself to be dipped in a vat of water and did other precise tests. My BMI was 44 then. Fat Anti-Bias Campaign.

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    Dilemmas of Difference and Personhood

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